Insider’s Guide

My Insider’s Guide To Normandy

chinese restaurant in Normandy

Chinese Restaurant in Normandy

A Chinese restaurant in Normandy may not seem very French but with the start of the Chinese New Year approaching ...
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British Normandy Memorial

New British Normandy Memorial

A new British Normandy memorial will be unveiled on Friday 4th September 2020 in Ver-sur-Mer. The names of over 22,000 ...
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galette des rois

Galette Des Rois – A 300 Year Old French Tradition

Let me introduce you to galette des rois. This pastry celebration cake is a tradition that goes back around 300 ...
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Normandy island commune

A Normandy Island Commune

Day 24 of the Normandy Advent Calendar is the Normandy island commune of Mont Saint Michel. It's my favourite place, ...
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beach at Barneville-Carteret

The Beach at Barneville-Carteret

Day 23 of the Normandy Advent Calendar features the beach at Barneville-Carteret. There are two photos both of which were ...
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Coutance's public garden

Coutance’s Public Garden

Day 22 of the Normandy Advent Calendar looks at Coutance's public garden. The photo shows one of the feature flower ...
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Normandy High Tides

Normandy High Tides

The Normandy high tides feature on day 21 of the Normandy Advent Calendar. There's a road under all that water! ...
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Normandy abbey

12th Century Normandy Abbey

Lucerne Abbey is a 12th century Normandy abbey. It's my choice for day 20 of the Normandy Advent Calendar. The ...
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Utah beach

Utah Beach – A D-Day Landing Beach

Utah Beach is my choice for day 19 of the Normandy Advent Calendar. Despite the horrors of D-Day, I love ...
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Normandy cheese

Normandy Cheese

Day 18 of the Normandy Advent Calendar is Normandy cheese. The bread and wine make the perfect accompaniment! There are ...
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Non-violence sculpture

The Knotted Gun Sculpture

The Non-Violence sculpture is an amazing piece of art and my choice for day 17 of the Normandy Advent Calendar ...
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things to do in Bayeux

Things To Do In Bayeux

Visiting the cathedral in Bayeux is just one of the many things to do in Bayeux. This photo is my ...
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