A Delicious Lunch in Gavray

For many people one of the highlights of a holiday is trying different food and drink. Whether that’s in a supermarket, at a local market or in a restaurant, it’s great fun. France is very passionate about food with local specialities being a particular favourite. Restaurants usually offer à la carte but set menus are […]

A Normandy Foodie Tradition For January

Throughout January, you can find a wonderful Normandy foodie tradition in almost every boulangerie and pâtisserie. The ‘galette des rois’ (literally king’s cake) is eaten throughout France but varies depending on where you are. In northern France, and in Normandy in particular, galette des rois is made from puff pastry with a frangipane cream. You […]

My Top 10 Normandy Foods

What would be on your top 10 Normandy foods list? There’s certainly plenty to choose from but here’s my suggestions for foodie treats you should try on your next trip. Apple juice, cider, pommeau calvados The rich and fertile soil provides the perfect growing conditions for bumper crops of apples. From September through to October […]

Where To Buy The Best Bread in Gavray

There are three Gavray boulangeries all serving amazing breakfast pastries, bread and cakes. They’re all within a hundred metres of each other but are all equally as busy. I refer to them by the colours of the shop front so we have a red one, purple one and orange one. They each have a set […]

I Found The Best Delicatessen in Gavray

The Andouillerie de la Baleine is a delicatessen in Gavray making a local speciality of andouille. It’s a sausage made of diced stomach and intestines seasoned in pepper and salt for a week. Perhaps not for the faint-hearted! The savoury mixture is then placed in individual intestines, smoked over beech wood and cooked for 6 […]

Gourmet Seafood Dining in Granville

If you love seafood, then Normandy should definitely be on your bucket list. There are a good number of restaurants, shops selling fish and seafood and producers to visit. I can highly recommend Le Restaurant du Port in Granville although I’d recommend booking. Last night it was full by 8pm and would-be diners arriving in […]

Normandy Humour For Foodies

This cartoon gives an insight into Normandy humour. Moules-frites is a dish of mussels and French fries and originates in Belgium. However, in Normandy, they’re very popular and you’ll find them on the menu in most restaurants and bistros during the summer months. In Normandy, they’re sometimes cooked with cream to give a sauce perfect […]

What’s Normandy’s Most Popular Cheese?

The Fromagerie Val-de-Sienne (cheese factory) produces Gavray camembert – just a few minutes away from where I live in Normandy. Camembert is Normandy’s most popular cheese. Gavray camembert has been made here for 30 years and supplies local outlets. Not all supermarkets sell it but delicatessens and local markets certainly do. The cheese is made […]