Croissant Day

It’s National Croissant Day today in both the UK and USA (Thursday 30th January 2020). The day is not celebrated in France but vast quantities of croissants will be consumed as usual. In a break from tradition, a number of croissant hybrids have been created in recent years. They include the Cronut (croissant and donut), […]

What to do in February in Normandy

Are you wondering what to do in February in Normandy? It can be a great time to visit as many of the popular sites that are busier during the summer months are blissfully quiet. It has to be said that you can’t guarantee good weather at this time of year. Rain is a possibility but […]

Chinese Restaurant in Normandy

A Chinese restaurant in Normandy may not seem very French but with the start of the Chinese New Year approaching then why not? The popularity of Chinese restaurants in Normandy is increasing. Ten years ago it was a relatively new concept. And while there aren’t as many Chinese restaurants as in the UK, for example, […]

New British Normandy Memorial

A new British Normandy memorial will be unveiled on Friday 4th September 2020 in Ver-sur-Mer. The names of over 22,000 soldiers will be inscribed on it. The site at Ver-sur-Mer overlooks Gold Beach where British troops landed on D-Day. This new memorial is designed to provide a permanent focal point for reflection and remembrance in […]

Galette Des Rois – A 300 Year Old French Tradition

Let me introduce you to galette des rois. This pastry celebration cake is a tradition that goes back around 300 years. It’s eaten throughout France although there are regional differences in the recipes used. In some parts of France the cake is made of either sweetcrust pastry or brioche. In Normandy and other parts of […]

A Normandy Island Commune

Day 24 of the Normandy Advent Calendar is the Normandy island commune of Mont Saint Michel. It’s my favourite place, so there are several photos today to end the calendar. I’ve chosen this photo to show how things used to look. The photo was taken in 2012. There was a road leading to the island […]

The Beach at Barneville-Carteret

Day 23 of the Normandy Advent Calendar features the beach at Barneville-Carteret. There are two photos both of which were taken on La Plage de la Potinière. There are two further beaches in this charming seaside resort. They are called La Grande Plage de Barneville and also Plage de la Vieille Église. I love this […]

Coutance’s Public Garden

Day 22 of the Normandy Advent Calendar looks at Coutance’s public garden. The photo shows one of the feature flower beds in 2016. La Manche region hosted the first three stages of the Tour de France. The first day of the tour started at Mont-Saint-Michel and ended in Paris some three weeks later. There were […]

Normandy High Tides

The Normandy high tides feature on day 21 of the Normandy Advent Calendar. There’s a road under all that water! The photo is taken at Le Havre de la Vanlée in Bricqueville-sur-Mer in Normandy. Watching the tide come in here is interesting as the road floods completely cutting the village off from the coast. The […]

12th Century Normandy Abbey

Lucerne Abbey is a 12th century Normandy abbey. It’s my choice for day 20 of the Normandy Advent Calendar. The photo is taken from the gatehouse. The abbey is a Premonstratensian monastery that was founded in 1143. The village of La Lucerne-d’Outremer sits in the triangle between the towns of Granville, Avranches and Villedieu-les-Poêles. The building […]